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KokobyKhloe isn’t just a brand; it’s a passionate celebration of the extraordinary beauty of Africa. Our story is woven into the heart of Nigeria, where we meticulously handcraft our products and source our ingredients, all while embracing the vibrant culture and traditions that inspire us.


We take pride in being more than just a skincare and wellness brand; we are a cultural bridge that connects the world to the enchanting and alluring secrets of Africa’s natural beauty. Each product we offer is a testament to the stunning biodiversity and rich heritage of this remarkable continent.

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A journey of holistic beauty

From our headquarters in Nigeria, we curate a collection that extends far beyond mere cosmetics. Our commitment to sustainability is a driving force behind the carefully sourced, all-natural, and organic ingredients in our products. We believe in harnessing the potent gifts of nature to help you achieve your best self, all while fostering the wellness of both body and spirit.

KokobyKhloe offers a journey of holistic beauty that goes beyond the surface. Our products are carefully designed to enhance your natural radiance, while our academy is dedicated to providing you with knowledge and tools to lead a healthier, more fulfilling life.

At KokobyKhloe, we cherish the opportunity to share the unique essence of Africa with the world. It’s not just about beauty; it’s about embracing the diverse cultures, landscapes, and stories that make this continent extraordinary.

Join us as we explore, experience, and celebrate the multifaceted beauty of Africa. Be part of our global community, where beauty, wellness, and culture intertwine to create a harmonious blend that transcends borders.

Thank you for choosing KokobyKhloe, where we invite you to discover, embrace, and celebrate the beauty of Africa, one product, one story, and one experience at a time.

Introducing the Creative Mind Behind It All

Oluwabusayomi Abiri
Ceo and founder

Oluwabusayomi Abiri is an enterprising young African woman with a deep-rooted commitment to redefining beauty on her own terms. Renowned as a fashion and beauty influencer, she possesses an intimate understanding of the dynamic and ever-evolving standards within the beauty industry.
Oluwabusayomi’s vision transcends conventional norms. She firmly believes that beauty should not be dictated by societal pressures but rather should be a personal expression of self. Growing up in a community where individuals often resorted to unhealthy practices to conform to predetermined beauty standards, Oluwabusayomi was awakened to the importance of championing a more authentic and individualistic approach to beauty.
This awakening sparked a profound passion within her—a passion to foster awareness and appreciation for a beauty that is independent of external influences and rooted in one’s personal comfort and self-confidence. It was from this deep-seated commitment that the KokobyKhloe brand was born.
Over the years, KokobyKhloe has evolved from a brand focused on promoting healthy skin to becoming a comprehensive 360° health and beauty brand. It now encompasses a wide range of offerings, including makeup and specialized products for healthy weight gain. Oluwabusayomi’s unwavering dedication and boundless passion drive her to employ cutting-edge techniques and to diligently source quality local raw materials.
The outcome is a line of products that are not only effective but also promote overall well-being. Oluwabusayomi invites you to embark on this transformative journey toward self-love and self-appreciation, hand in hand with the KokobyKhloe brand. She stands as a beacon of empowerment and individualism in the realm of beauty, and it is her fervent desire to share this vision with you.

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